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If your business or organization hopes to survive and thrive in a technology-driven world, it is essential for you to have an attractive, user-friendly web site. That's where EGghead Design Studio comes in! We specialize in designing and implementing simple, yet visually appealing web sites that will help you clearly communicate your message. Whether you simply need a basic web presence or a database-driven e-commerce web store, we can (and would love to) help!

Standard Component Sites

If you are simply looking for a basic web presence for your business or organization, EGghead Design Studio has a product to fit your needs. Because our basic web packages have a set pricing structure, they are the perfect solution for small businesses that need to know an EXACT cost (rather than an estimate) before moving forward with the project.

Basic Package ($599) - a basic 5-6 page web site with static text & image elements; includes 1 standard web form (for collecting user information) and basic javascript functionality

Enhanced Package ($1499 - $2499) - includes the same elements as the Basic Package with the addition of a content management system that allows the user to make basic updates to text, images, etc., as well as integration with social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter; may also include elements such as video integration, advanced javascript, etc.
Highly Customized Sites

Although our basic web design packages will typically meet the needs of most clients, we are also able to help with more advanced web applications. Our design team has experience with technologies such as advanced javascript, flash, ASP, and more! We can also incorporate database-driven functionality into your web application, interfacing your new site with an existing database or designing a new one from scratch. If you need basic e-commerce functionality, we can help with that as well.

Because of the wide variety of applications required by our clients, we are unable to provide a standard "package price" for more advanced projects. An EGghead Design representative will provide you with an estimate for the project before work begins and will keep you up to speed on the project status throughout the process.

Let Us Walk You Through the Process

If the process of having a web site designed & implemented for your business or organization sounds cofusing or overwhelming, you can rest assured that EGghead Design Studio will be right beside you to walk you through it! Rahter than trying to fit you into a "box" by making your company fit our canned design, we will begin by discussing the specific goals you have for your organization and for your web application. Based on the goals we help you identify, we will assist you in choosing the product that is right for you. During the development process we will stay in close touch with you and make sure you are aware of the progress of the project and what (if anything) is needed from you at each step.

Our goal is to provide you with an enjoyable experience that results in a web site that you can be proud of and will suit your needs for years to come. So, when you are ready to get started, visit our "Contact Us" page to get the ball rolling!

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