The T-Shirt... Covering American Nakedness Since the First World War

One thing that will never change (we hope) is that each of us gets dressed in the morning before leaving the house. Assuming that we are not heading to a professional business environment, the clothing of choice for many is the good ol' t-shirt. Even a lot of businesses have adopted a casual dress policy where t-shirts have become acceptable work attire. What's the point, you ask? Well, since we all wear them from time to time, one of the best ways to advertise your organization and/or get your message out to the public affordably is through a quality screen printed t-shirt (or sweatshirt, hoodie, etc.)! A t-shirt is also a great way to show appreciation to customers, employees, or volunteers, and they can help promote a sense of belonging amongst team members, etc. So, whether you are a business owner, a booster club president, a youth pastor, an event organizer, or just a guy or girl with the next best selling t-shirt design, EGghead Design studio would LOVE to be your printer/designer of choice!

Legit Designs
If you have a design, we can print it. If you need a design, we can create it... and then print it. In fact, we throw in a free hour of design work for anyone who commits to printing their final design with us! Because most designs can be completed in that time, this "freebie" can help save you a significant amount of money.

Quality Printing
Regardless of the quality of your design, if the screen printing process is done carelessly or without the proper technique, your final product will be... well... ugly. Our motto at EGghead Design is "No Ugly Shirts!" Well, it's not really, but it could be. We use professional grade equipment and are careful to ensure your shirt is something you can wear proudly.

Superior Materials
While it may seem like "a t-shirt is a t-shirt", that is actually not the case at all! There are a million different t-shirt manufacturers out there (slight exaggeration), and the range in quality is vast. While we do have a variety of options for you to choose from, we do use only "industry standard" shirt manufacturers, which means you can rest assured that you will be satisfied with the final product, regardless of which shirt you choose. (And while most of you may not care, for the super "screen printing savvy" out there, we use high quality QCM & Rutland plastisol inks.)




Some Design/Ordering Tips & Hints

When preparing a design or placing an order for t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc., there are a number of things to keep in mind. First, the cost of your shirts is based on several factors. For obvious reasons, a shirt that has printing only on the front is cheaper than one with something on both the front AND back. For the most part, the size of the design does not affect cost, as long as it fits on one side (or a sleeve, etc.) of the shirt. Also, the number of colors in your design impacts the cost of the shirt. Adding additional colors to one side is cheaper than adding an additional side (or sleeve, etc.). Another thing to keep in mind is that the color of shirt (and inks) you choose can affect the cost. White shirts are cheaper than gray/neutral shirts, which are cheaper than colored shirts. Also, if you use a dark colored shirt (or a strong color such as red, etc.) and a light ink color, a base coat may be necessary in order to get full coverage. If so, the base coat is treated as an additional color, which adds to the cost. Finally, the number of shirts you order affects the cost. EGghead Design Studio offers price breaks at 12 items (our minimum order), 24 items, 50 items, 100 items, 200 items, etc.

If you are creating your own design, be sure that the file you provide to us is the highest possible resolution/quality. A poor quality image on paper or the computer results in a poor quality image on your shirt... period. Also, given the nature of the screen printing process, only solid colors can be used (no gradients, etc.). Halftones are acceptable and work well if designed correctly. Also related to the design is the importance of considering design size and the size range of shirts being ordered. For example, a design that is large enough to take up a full side on an adult XXXL will be too big for a youth small.

There are other factors that you may need to consider, but they are much less common. We will be sure to help you consider all of the variables involved before starting the printing process in order to avoid any "disasters" along the way.

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